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Mod Release: Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight


Floats the name of placeables, and optionally creatures, above the object similiar to what holding the TAB key does.

Download: Dragon Age NexusDAMods.


  • v1.0 (11/22/2009) Initial release.


Makes placeables, and optionally creatures, highlighted by floating the object’s name above it.

This AddIn can be configured by adding options to the DragonAge.ini file.
By default this file is located in:

My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Settings\DragonAge.ini

Open the file and at the very end of the file paste the following text:


Set ShowCreatures to 1 if you want creatures to be highlighted as well.
Set ShowTags to 1 to see the item’s internal game tag. This is useful for modders.
Set distance to how many meters away you want to highlight objects. Farther distances may affect perfrmance!
Set duration to how long you want the name about placeables to remain before refreshing. See note below.

NOTE: The AddIn will not display the name over placeables that have nothing inside them to loot. However, when you loot the items out of a placeable, the name will still be floating above it until such time as the name is “refreshed” by the script. By default this is every 45 seconds, which means you are usually gone. If you want placeables you loot to have their name dropped more quickly, you can set the duration much lower. However, lower settings will cause the name to drop for a few seconds between refreshes.


1. Use DAUpdater.exe (located in your Dragon Age install directory, in the bin_ship subdirectory) and select the DAZip file.
2. Select the AddIn in the list and click install.
3. Once the progress says “Installed.”, exit DAUpdater and run the game.
4. On the main menu, select “Downloadedable Content”, and then select the “Installed Content” tab.
5. Ensure that the AddIn is enabled.


Currently there is no user-friendly way to un-install a DAZip based Addin, but the AddIn can be disabled.
1. Run the game and on the main menu select “Downloadable Content”, and then select the “Installed Content” tab.
2. Find the AddIn in the list and Un-check it to disable the AddIn.


This mod should be fully compatible with the base game.

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  1. lewtz
    November 22, 2009 at 12:52 am

    Cool, I’ll give it a try.

    • Irontoes
      November 22, 2009 at 11:26 pm

      Nice, been wanting a mod like this.

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