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Mod Release: Open Lock Spells

Open Lock Spells


With further study of raw Arcane magics, the Mage can learn to channel that power into defeating physical locks.

This AddIn provides the Mage class with three new Arcane spells. Arcane Unlock, Remove Lock, and Glyph of Remove Lock. This AddIn was not designed as a cheat to simply unlock locks. You can do that with the console.

This AddIn is designed to be fairly balanced and simply provide alternatives for players to unlock locks using a Mage character. All three unlock spells apply a bonus based on the caster’s Magic attribute.

Arcane Unlock will unlock easy and medium difficulty locks. Remove Lock will remove most any lock that isn’t flagged as IMPOSSIBLE. Glyph of Remove Lock has the same strength as Remove Lock but will unlock everythign within 30 meters.

Download: Dragon Age NexusDAMods.


  • v1.0 (11/23/2009) Initial release.


1. Use DAUpdater.exe (located in your Dragon Age install directory, in the bin_ship subdirextory) and select the DAZip file.
2. Select the AddIn in the list and click install.
3. Once the progress says “Installed.”, exit DAUpdater and run the game.
4. On the main menu, select “Downloadedable Content”, and then select the “Installed Content” tab.
5. Ensure that the AddIn is enabled.


Currently there is no user-friendly way to un-install a DAZip based Addin, but the AddIn can be disabled.
1. Run the game and on the main menu select “Downloadable Content”, and then select the “Installed Content” tab.
2. Find the AddIn in the list and Un-check it to disable the AddIn.


This AddIn is completely self contained, and should work fine with both the base game and any other AddIns or Mods.


This AddIn should be working solid as it is, but there are a few things I plan to do for a future release:

  • Create custom icons for the spells and module
  • Create custom VFX for the spells


Credit is always due to Bioware for making such awesome games, and giving us the tools to bring our imaginations to life inside them.


Please do not upload this mod to any websites without my permission. Contact me and i’ll be glad to give you permission.
Use this mod at your own risk, I take no responsability for anything that results from its use.

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