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A Repository of Knowledge

As is quite obvious from the date of the last post here, I no longer maintain this as an active blog.  That said, it seems traffic to this blog is still high, and new comments come in regularly.  I’m happy that the knowledge I have shared has helped so many people.

Shortly after putting this blog together, I had a series of life changing events; I started a new career and made a big move.  Modding and maintaining this blog just wasn’t an option anymore.  There just wasn’t time, as I threw myself fully into my new career.

These days i’m happily settled into that career, and have more free time on my hands, but instead of modding games, my free time these days is spent on writing my own!  I will be releasing my first iPad game, GraviTile sometime this year, and have several other designs on the books as they say.  I’m sorry for disappearing off the face of the interwebs, but things happened quickly and just steamrolled beyond my control.  Before I knew what had happened, months then years had gone by!

As I said at the start, its interesting to see that this blog is still actively visited, and apparently useful for continuing waves of new Dragon Age modders.  While I will, most likely, no longer be posting new modding content here, I want everyone to rest assured that I will keep this blog running so that the knowledge it contains can remain for future generations of modders to use.

And who knows, maybe I will come back at some point and make a few mods, once GraviTile is out.

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  1. H
    August 14, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    John, I’m one of those who wondered where you disappeared to. Glad you came back to give us some closure. Good luck on the iPad game and thank you for what you’ve provided for the modding community.

  2. ScionRay
    June 16, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Hello I know I found this site late in the game but just bought DAO on steam and love it have and was able to use your guide to help me make some nice in game items, but I have a problem and can’t seem to find an answer anywhere so hopefully you can help. I had a system crash and had to re-install steam, and download all my games again, that also included reinstalling dragon age toolset, my items I made are still there but my modules are not? so how can I bring back my modules for the items I created so I can still use that module? or do I have to make a whole new one and re do all my script? Thanks for any help or advise you can give me. Hope things are going well for you.

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