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Mod Release: Free Love!

November 22, 2009 12 comments

Free Love!


This AddIn will trick Allistair into thinking the player is a Female, regardless of actual gender. It will also trick Morrigan into thinking the player is a Male regardless of actual gender. The player’s actual gender does not change, and interaction with all other characetrs in the world remains as normal. They will all see your normal gender. Only Allistair and Morrigan are affected by this spell.

Download: Dragon Age NexusDAMods.


  • v1.0 (11/22/2009) Initial release.

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How to Make Your Mod Configurable with DragonAge.ini

November 20, 2009 13 comments

Recently I found myself in a small dilemma. My mod, No Follower Autolevel, was starting to go in several directions at once. Some people wanted it to act one way, others wanted it to act another. Still, others a third way. I didn’t like the thought of having to maintain three versions of the mod, so I started to look for a way to make everyone happy in one mod.

What I stumbled upon was a way to actually read in configuration settings from the DragonAge.ini file which stores the users settings. Let’s take a look.
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A Better Way to Check for Existing Items Before Spawning

November 18, 2009 54 comments

Many of you who have done my very first tutorial to create an item have been running into a problem.  When the script checks to see if you already have the item before creating a new one, it essentially only looks in your bags.  If the item isn’t in your bags, it can’t find it so creates a new one.

In this small tutorial we will look at a better way of checking for the item before spawning a new one.  A method that should accurately find the item even if it is no longer in your bags.

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Creating a Custom Merchant for The Player’s Camp – Part 3

November 18, 2009 101 comments

In part 1 of this tutorial series, we looked at how we can use a “PRCSCR” file to get the game engine to run a custom script upon entering an area.  This allowed us to then spawn an NPC character that we created inside the Single Player game’s Player Camp.  In part 2 we looked at the conversation editor, and how to create conversations.  We then gave a basic conversation to our NPC in preparation for turning them into a merchant.

In this part we’re going to actually turn our NPC into a merchant that the player can interact with.  Now unfortunately Bioware made what I feel is a bad decision, and made it so that you can not dynamically create a merchant resource.  If you attempt to use CreateObject() with OBJECT_TYPE_STORE you will find that the call fails every time.   This means we need to think outside the box and figure out how to get our merchant resource into the player’s camp.  So let’s see how we can do that.

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Creating a Custom Merchant for The Player’s Camp – Part 2

November 17, 2009 27 comments

Continuing on with our tutorial series to create a new NPC merchant for our player’s camp, we take a look at conversations and how to add them to our creature that we created last time.

First we will look at conversations in general, then we will apply some basic conversation to our NPC.  We will also look briefly at how to add a storage chest next to our creature to give the camp a little flavor.
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Beware the Dangers of module_core

November 16, 2009 10 comments

I had originally sat down tonight to continue on with part 2 of our custom merchant tutorial, but then I found some interesting information spreading its way around the DAMods forum.

Many people have been experiencing some odd issues caused either by mods they installed, or by mods they had made.  Some of these issues included really bad performance in cutscenes and conversations, slow overall performance, and issues with leveling up such as attribute point spending being incorrect.  Recently it appears that the cause of these problems has been discovered, and I thought this important enough to break from my normal plans and bring you a short article about the subject.

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Creating a Custom Merchant for The Player’s Camp – Part 1

November 15, 2009 170 comments

I thought it would be fun to take a look at something a bit more complex and useful.  This is going to actually be a multi-part tutorial, and will be lots of fun!

In this tutorial series we are going to add a new NPC merchant to the player’s camp, and then populate that merchant with items including custom items.  As with other tutorials, this module is designed to extend the Single Player campaign, and shows you some more ways you can hook into that campaign.

This tutorial is a bit more advanced from the basics and does involve creating a 2da file.  If you have done A Start: Creating a Module to Give Your Player an Item then I firmly believe you can do this tutorial, but it will be important to follow along closely. If you have not followed that first tutorial, then please start there.

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Proper Mods are Important – How to Make Compatible Mods

November 15, 2009 1 comment

As more and more mods start appearing, players are starting to run into compatibility problems.  To some degree this may be unavoidable.  However, we’ve learned a lot about the mechanics recently and there are things mod authors can, and should, do to make their mods as compatible as possible.

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Preventing the Toolset from Breaking Your Game

November 13, 2009 16 comments

Honestly this is one of the first tutorials I should have posted, but it totally slipped my mind.  Once you start doing something as a habit, its easy to forget that you are doing it.  Many people are having problems with the toolset, after making mods, causing their single player game to not work properly.

In this article we’ll take a look at why that happens, and how you can reduce the chances of this happening.

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Common Problems and Mistakes Creating Your First Module

November 11, 2009 60 comments

This article is a followup to “A Start: Creating a Module to Give Your Player an Item

The previous tutorial worked great for most people, but in talking with some of you and helping with a few problems, I noticed that many of the same mistakes were being made.  Now there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, as long as we learn from them, so let’s take a look at some of the more common problems.

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